Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mass Effect 2 for Free

I bought Dragon Age 2 at launch and, while I haven’t been to impressed with the more action oriented gameplay (and godawful DLC system), I did get an unexpected (though useless) bonus.

I got an email today to celebrate the ‘Sequel Celebration’. Included was an offer for a free copy of Mass Effect 2. Now, I picked up Mass Effect 2 during the Steam Christmas sale so…. yeah. But still, excellent bonus if I didn’t already have the game.

EA as a company seems to get a bad rap as an evil empire, mostly because they’re on top, and haters gonna hate. The only thing I can think of that EA does that sucks is the yearly sports releases. Not being a sports nut I don’t need the roster updates which really seem like they should be DLC. Skip a year, maybe if they had a longer development cycle something special could be done. People buy them like clockwork though so no sane executive would cancel a yearly cash cow.

Oh wait, they did cancel NBA Elite 11 because it didn’t meet quality expectations. Those @#$%ing bastards.


  1. Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate


  2. Goddamn you Hoff. I warn you people not to click something before making you (buahahaha) click!