Friday, September 21, 2012

Things that piss me off…

It pisses me off when games make me struggle to do something that should be easy. I’m looking at God of War right now. After slaughtering a hydra as the level 1 boss we’re then tasked with a feat of strength, forced to tap the ‘X’ button 50 times a second… to open a door. Any door.

Let’s assume that @!#$ing Kratos, is strong enough to open a GD door or break a barrel without making a major production out of it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Antagonist… fight!


Y’know, normally I would say Batman > All.

But against ninja turtles? Shit just got real.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My last post I mentioned that there were 2 reasons I’d stopped playing World of Warcraft. One was the community being jerks and the other, is DRM.

Now obviously I’ve had to log into WoW since the beginning, every time I played I had to enter my password – hell in ‘ye oldin days’ the client didn’t even remember your account name. I’ve been fine with that however, I expect to have to log into an online game. It’s not an issue. Then I got hacked. I don’t have any idea how, I’ve never given my login information to anyone, virus scans didn’t show anything nefarious. Still happened though and I added an authenticator. This adds an extra step to the login process, one that requires me to grab my ipod which is usually charging across the room. Call me lazy, and I do myself, but this is extremly annoying. I can’t count the number of times I’ve started a game, logged in, and then been asked to log in again. WTF?? It’s even worse with single player games. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, I’m looking at you. I have zero interest in getting my ass kicked in MP, why the hell do I have to log in to play my single player game?

This is not an anti Blizzard post. Rockstar makes me log into a ‘Social Club’ to play GTA4. I don’t care, just let me play the damn game when I double click the icon on my desktop.

I’m not against DRM itself, I’m against annoying DRM. DRM should be invisible once started. Steam is handy this. Also Dragon Age Origins is a perfect example here. There’s online activation and then there is a little box ‘Login automatically’ I can check so I don’t have to deal with this crap anymore.

The WoW Community

Two months ago when I started to get back into WoW I stopped again due to two reasons. One I’ll get to later, but the main reason is the WoW community, such as it is. I was on my mage running Drak'Tharon Keep. After the run was over someone in the group immediately requed. I declined seeing as I had quests to turn in and there was the event to sit through before I could do so. After explaining why I was declining to reque I was votekicked. Well, I ragequit and managed to not delete mage.

Yesterday, I CCed a mob and pulled the other five. A rogue decided to attack the only mob I didn’t have control of. A minute later the same rogue decided to run in first and fan of knives the group. I hope the extra 4 seconds saved pulling the group before me was worth the 15 minute que for a new tank.

Today I lost 2 need rolls in the same run. One went to a death knight, it was kinda a sidegrade so I didn’t care much, besides, he could use it. The next one though was a clear upgrade. I lost to the druid healer. Now, I’d understood that the loot revamp was supposed to prevent things like that, apparently not. I hope the druid healer gets good use of his new strength/parry necklace. And get this, after winning he left the group. He also won the OTHER item but didn’t get it because he’d dropped group. I can only assume his intention was to specifically piss me off .

My point, is that people suck.

My entire group of WoW friends originally started from a Deadmines run. After a particular display of badassery I was invited into the guild at level 20. I was in that guild up to 60, that guild merged with another and we started raiding ZG and MC and the rest is history.

That will never happen now. Dungeons are so ‘gogogo’ oriented you never pay attention to others (except shithead rogues). And even if you did, they’re on a different server.