Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: New Moon

Yes, I watched it. God help me. It’s one of those things that has become such a cornerstone of pop culture that I had to check it out even if only so I could properly mock it. And now afterwards, what are my thoughts…

Well… My thoughts pretty much mirror my thoughts on Twilight. For one, Bella just doesn’t seem to warrant the attention from the guys in this series. She’s always been moody and not that interesting. I’m not sure if the casting director was specifically looking for a ‘girl next door’ either, but if they were, they succeeded. Stewart does look like someone you might actually know, meaning she’s not that hot – lust is hardly inspiring Edward and Jacob. Which brings us back to personality, moody and uninteresting – oh and with the sequel throw in suicidal depression. This chick needs therapy and probably drugs.

Edward remains annoying with his pouty ‘woe is me’ crap. God, man up. You’re a fucking vampire.

Jacob is a nice guy looking out for the object of his affection. (OMG, I’m on Team Jacob) Jacob’s only flaw is the affection is aimed at Bella. Sadly the film took entirely to long to out Jacob as a werewolf (something we knew maybe an hour or so into Twilight). Once it did though I was fairly impressed with the werewolf effects. This is one of the best interpretations of a werewolf I’ve seen. No wolfman crap, these guys turn into wolves – wolves the size of a car that run in packs and fully aware while in wolfform. They will hunt you down and fuck you up.

Finally we must address the best part of the Twilight series, Ashley Greene’s Alice. Still hot. Still bubbly and cheerful but not so over the top it’s annoying. Bella take notes – noone wants to date the depressed angsty girl... oh wait.

Oh well, here’s to hoping in Eclipse Alice hooks up with Jacob and they run off to have sparkly puppies.

2 Stars – My Rating
3 Stars – Netflix Prediction

Lazy Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

I Law Abiding Citizen, King Leonidas- er Gerard Butler’s character is a loving family man who has his wife and daughter murdered after a home invasion. One of the culprits turns rat for a cushy plea bargain with ADA Jamie Foxx. Butler’s character is pissed and spends years planning revenge.

The revenge is sweet, at first. The 2 murderers get their due in scenes that you cheer at, even if you really shouldn’t. Then the bad guy’s defense attorney gets handled. From there things go bad though.

I’m all for revenge n movies, kill wife and daughter – sure have fun killing them. But once that revenge vibe gets turned towards the district attorneys.. He goes to far and I start cringing.  Lil’ to much. The antihero becomes villain and we must shift to Jamie Foxx as the hero. Frankly he’s just not that charismatic in the role.

Still, for the first two thirds of the movie it’s interesting and tense so it gets an above average rating.

3 1/2 Stars – My Rating
3 1/2 Stars – Netflix Prediction - Creepy

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: 9

The CGI post-apocalyptic robot movie, not the musical with Daniel Day-Lewis.

Well, um… it’s pretty. I’ll summarize the plot as best I can. Movie opens with 9 waking up in an attic lab, there’s a dead dude on the floor and a MacGuffin laying nearby. 9 takes the MacGuffin as it looks interesting and looks round. Hey, there’s a guy wandering around outside – let’s go say hi! 9 meets 2. 2 is very excited to see the MacGuffin. 9 and 2 get attacked robo-doggie. Robo-doggie is also excited to see the MacGuffin. Robo-doggies kidnaps 2 and takes the MacGuffin. 9Hooks up with 5, 8 and 1. 9 and 5 leave to rescue 2. Shit hits the fan and 7 rescues 2, 5 and 9. She (7’s a chick) also kills robo-doggie. Everyone’s saved and they all live happily ever- no wait, that' would’ve made sense. Rewind a bit. After 7 rescues everyone, 9… finishes what robo-doggie was doing with the MacGuffin – thus waking up SkyNet and unleashing a horde of Termin- wait wrong series, but it’s essentially the same.

And that’s where I rolled my eyes and tuned out. I kept the movie going but my concentration was on rearranging my DVD shelf. Granted at this point 9 is like, a day old. But c’mon! Evil robo-doggie is trying to do something, robo-doggie dies. Don’t finish what he was doing!!

Ug, makes me wonder who exactly this film was supposed to be targeted at. It’s a CGI animated movie which is like kddie porn (you know what I mean!) It’s PG-13 though and plot points are pretty heavy. World War 3, the extinction of mankind, robot death and the setting is right out of Fallout. It’s to intense for kids and to moronic for adults.

***With this review I’m instituting a new rating aspect (assuming I remember to do it again). I’m going to list my score, and what Netflix thought I’d think. Just to compare this stuff, Netflix is eerily accurate.

2 Stars – My Rating
3 Stars - Netflix prediction

Where do these people come from?

I am officially a talentless hack. Who are these people??


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: 2012


Hopping in a limo and outrunning an earthquake. Really? C’mon. Obviously we’re stretching reality here, but make it seem at least partially believable. There’s just to much suspension of disbelief to prevent me from rolling my eyes through most of it.

More interesting were some casting choices. Thumbs up to a surprise Woody Harrelson I didn’t realize was in it. Also the lead scientist was bugging the hell out of my the entire movie. Where have I seen that guy?! Quick trip to IMDB revealed he was the operative from Serenity. An ‘oh yeah’ feeling hit me immediately once I saw it.

My eyes! My eyes!

Whatever you do, don’t click this.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Civically Responsible

So I just completed the 2010 Census form. I feel all responsible and stuff.

I need a beer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Buy sucks

So I was perusing CheapAssGamer and saw Lunar: Silver Star Harmony LE was listed for same price as the standard edition. LE includes a soundtrack. For those not in the know, Lunar soundtrack = uber, so I ordered. Got an email saying it was backordered on 03/16. On 03/18 got an email saying it shipped. On 03/19 got an email saying they fucked up and it’s the standard edition and they never had any LE available they just a bunch of @#$%ing retards and I hate them the little bastards I wish they would just die a slow painful, fester- but I digress.

I intend to return to Best Buy as it’s not what I ordered and get the LE from Amazon,  I’ll pay the extra $10 to a company that knows what it’s doing.


Related issue, thought I’d comment about the time I had a problem with Amazon. Now, I buy a lot from them. Between books, games and movies, I figure I have 2-3 orders a month. Not an insane amount, but I’m a regular customer.

Anyway, couple years ago just shortly after getting my PS3 they had a BluRay B2G1 sale and I was building my collection. I ordered Reign of Fire (HD dragons yay!), Gone in 60 Seconds (20something Jolie in HD!) and … I decline to comment on the 3rd. There was a sale, I clicked and the item in question is no longer on my shelf.

Anyway, I understand mail takes time, and I always wait the extra couple days for free shipping. Anyway, after 2 weeks my patience is was at an end and I contacted Amazon customer service saying it’s been 2 weeks, what’s what? They ended up sending a replacement with free upgrade to express shipping, two days later I had the movies. Yay!

@#$%ing Best Buy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feralmedic: Action Star!

It’s here! After more than a month (@#$%) my FigurePrint for Feral has arrived. Looks cool. I saw some reviews saying colors were a little faded, I don’t see it.

She’s is the omni caster pose (healing) decked out in Stormrage minus the helm, with an Ony cloak and Lava Dredger. For the most part what she looked like back in the day running MC.

Pictures once I find my camera.

Dante’s Inferno

I’ve been leaning heavily toward getting Dante’s Inferno though full price has put me off. The EA store has a sale right now for $36. Cool. I still hesitate though because while the premise looks interesting, I’m pretty Kratos is going to rip off Dante’s head, shove Death’s scythe up his ass and then nail Dante’s girl.

Still, $36 is a good deal and I doubt it’ll reach the $29.99 mark anytime soon.

Feels Like Christmas

Is there a holiday going on I’m not aware of? Within a couple week period we’ve got several AAA games coming out. FF13, God of War 3, Pokemon Gold/Silver and for the old skool – Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. You’d think it was December.

  • Gonna hold off on FF13 a bit
  • I never did get FF12
  • SoulSilver is $1.00 cheaper than HeartGold at Amazon
  • My pre-order code for GoW3 bugged, guess I’ll get the skin after I beat the game
  • I think Luna may have started my fascination with hot blue haired anime chicks

*** Unrelated, but 3 weeks ‘til Changes!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Changes by Jim Butcher

While my last post mentioned change sucks, I thought I’d be positive for once and say Changes will be awesome! Change is book 12 in the Dresden Files. Comes out April 6th, that’s a Tuesday… book will be finished Wednesday mark my words!

Change Sucks

My current shift at work isn’t going to exist next month. Not to say I’m being downsized or anything, but I’m being forced into a shift change. I have a few options. I can work weekends (grrr), I can come in several hours earlier (wtf is AM?) or I can come in 2 hours later.

I’ll most likely take the 2-11 shift. I’m not a morning person and weekends are for doing nothing. This does however put a cramp in raiding. I used to work 2-11 before, back when I logged on with 30 minutes left in the raid schedule and was the outsider begging for a spot when someone had to leave early.

So, change sucks.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

XBox 360

I’m looking at my… media center I guess I should call it, and pondering what to do with my 360.  360 came out what,  a year or so before PS3? I bought one at launch jumping onto the ‘next-gen’ bandwagon and got a few games. Can’t say I was terribly impressed. I did however think PS3 was overpriced at launch and waited until that ‘buy a BluRay player and get 5 movies free’ rebate that was going on.

Since then PS3 has become my DVD player of choice, upscaling is better, has HDMI support, great games and the controller doesn’t suck (granted I’ve been using the same controller since PSX, I could just be used to it, but I hated the XBox controller).

Shortly after I got PS3 the 360 suffered a RROD, the first time ever I’ve had an issue with a console after NES, Genesis, SEGA CD (yes, I know), PSX, PS2, Gamecube. After it broke I… shrugged and played PS3. About 2 years later I decided it was silly to collect dust and had MS fix it, since then it’s… sat and collected dust.

So, what to do. I suppose I could get some games for it, though most games I’m interested in also come out on PS3. I’m pondering taking it to GameStop and getting whatever I can for it, perhaps trade-in for a Wii.While Wii runs the same risk of sitting and collecting dust, it would at least have Zelda.

The Oscars

Oscars are over and I’m required by Internet Law to comment(citation needed). First let me say I haven’t seen most of the nominees so take part of what I say worth a grain of salt. Observations:

  • Steve Martin is looking old
  • Katheryn Biga-who?
  • Though, she is pretty hot
  • Who let Hannah Montana and the Twilight people on stage?
  • Wrap it up Sandra
  • Thank you Tom Hanks for keeping it short and sweet
  • Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr rock
  • Best Actor/Actress intros are to long, but Oprah’s had a certain awesomeness to it
  • Granted Twilight does have a horrific quality to it, but a horror movie?

Of course the big story is Avatar vs The Hurt Locker. Now, The Hurt Locker is one of the ones I haven’t seen. Friend said it sucked and she’d rather watch Crank 2 again, but I digress. I personally can’t help but feel Cameron’s been robbed.

The Hurt Locker may very well be a very good movie. But, are we going to care in 5 years? Somehow I doubt it. Are we going to care about Avatar in 5 years? Hell yes, Cameron spent years creating a brand new technology. Technology that’s going to over the next couple years change the way some movies are made. Oh, it also happens to be the most successful movie of the ye- all time.

Not to say I’m a Avatar fanboy, I liked it with the provision that it was Dances with Wolves, in space. Fine, give Hurt Locker Best Screenplay (they did), but directing? Ah well, even the Citizen Kane of movies, Citizen Kane, lost.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Fell Off the Bookshelf

I was rereading an old trade I have of GIJoe vs The Transformers v2 last night and I seriously forgot how hilarious parts of it are.Cobra has screwed up and transported several Cobra and Joes to Cybertron where the break Teletran-3 and several groups of Transformers back in time at various points in Earth’s past. Cobra and the Joes have to team up to go recover the Transformers (who have all reverted to time appropriate forms) or spacetime is fraked and Earth explodes.

Several things happen that are just straight up hilarious.

  • Jazz gets turned into a Cadillac and owned by a pimp, who else?
  • Zartan is forced to relive the 70s while the rest of his group is to young to know his pain.
  • Dusty returns from his timejump and says ‘You’ll never believe where we’ve been…’ Intro the Dinobots who proceed to lay waste to every Decepticon in sight.

Perhaps the funniest scene though is from a trip to 30’s gangland Chicago with Beachhead, Roadblock, Baroness and… some random Viper.

Mr. Viper loses his shit and had a breakdown. While discussing the plan of action Viper says”I should just shoot myself in the head and get it over with.”

“…what’d you say?” says Roadblock.

Slumping down into  near fetal position the Viper holds his head, “I’m, look, I’m sorry. I’m just having a little FREAKING TROUBLE with this, okay? I mean, I was all right with the GIANT TRANSFORMING ROBOTS, I was even handling it when we got ZAPPED to ANOTHER PLANET. But TIME TRAVEL? This is insane!”

So really, what do the peons of the Cobra forces think about all the weird shit that goes on.

Random Thoughts

Goobers are the greatest candy ever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cataclysm Stats

Click HERE for a blue post from yesterday detailing some of the changes coming up in Cataclysm. Heavy stuff. Holy Pallys wanting spirit? The world’s gone mad! MAD!

Anyway, a few things  directly impacting my prot pally main:

  • Parry now reduces damage by 50% rather than 100%
  • Block reduces damage by 30% rather than BV which goes away
  • Dodge remains 100% damage reduction
  • Defense goes away: uncritable by turning on Righteous Fury (defense stance, frost presence or bearform)
  • No more weapon skills: not an issue endgame, but when leveling how often have we gotten a new weapon and then spent a few hours ‘training’

Still no details on how mastery works. Obviously a few spells need to be reworked - Shield of the Righteous (our biggest damage attack) scales with BV which wont exist anymore.

As in the past the changes will be rolled out a few weeks before release and, if history is any indication, will be huge buff. We’ll see.