Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movie Quickviews

I thought I’d make a few comments on some recent movies I’ve seen. Not reviews per se…

Super 8 – Boring, catch ET instead.

The Smurfs – Not as bad as you’d think.

Horrible Bosses – Pretty good though a bit darker than I expected. You go into these movies expecting wacky hijinks and life lessons to be learned, instead we get actual murder.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides – Yawn. I think we’re done here.

Bad Teacher – They accidently had a funny part when she’s grading papers. Otherwise movie is dull and boring. I’m also unsure if we’re supposing to be actually rooting for Diaz’s character. It’s not that she’s a teacher with a few vices, she’s a repugnant human being with no redeeming qualities at all.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil – Catch the red ban trailer, all the good parts are there.

I caught a few older movies as well recently:

The Hunt for Red October – Still awesome.

Air Force One – Another one that holds up quite well, logic leaps aside. Glenn Close really should’ve signed the paper.


  1. What are you saying you can't do a plane to plane transfer? Han Solo can do anything.

  2. Nonono, I have no problem with the plane to plane transfer. Ballsy but I can kinda see it happening with movie physics.

    No my issues were with the truncoat secret service agent existing.
    Also the pilots, they were on the ground and really, had to know they were dead men. It seems to me there couldn've been more they could do to insure the place didn't get back in the air.

    Also, if Gen Radik hadn't changed his clothes he'd have gottin' away.