Monday, June 24, 2013’s Summer Sale

It’s that time again, and apparently is beating Steam to the punch. currently has pretty much everything 50% off with daily sales bringing things lower. I picked up Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and FTL for just over 5 bucks.

I’m kinda tempted with the Wing Commander Series. You can grab everything for $12, including Privateer. I have fond memories of Privateer, a game I never ‘finished’ but lost countless hours just flying around killing shit, collecting bounties and playing the stock market. I have a feeling though, that it’s one of those series where the graphics just does not hold up. At all. I’ll boot up once and avert my eyes in horror. Plus, I don’t have a flight stick. If got X-Wing or TIE Fighter I’d get a flight stick. I’m also pondering Medal of Honor Allied Assault. I think, maybe, that might hold up better.

On a related note, I expect Steam will be having it’s summer sale soon. I’m curious what I’ll end up being tempted with. It’s an odd cycle of diminishing returns each season as I buy up titles I want, there’s less to interest me.

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