Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy Basterd’s Jukebox: Amaranth – More Nightwish

This one’s a little odd, when Nightwish released Dark Passion Play there were two different releases. Standard release is what you’d expect, then there was a deluxe edition with a second disc with all the songs – sans vocals. I swear some songs are just as good if not better.

With vocals…


I feel I should also point out – if you click through to YouTube and read comments there you’ll a LOT of derogatory comments about their singer Annette. See they’d had 5 (I think) releases with their original singer Tarja. Everyone loves Tarja. Tarja was asked to leave the band, though no one is officially saying why (gossip says she got weird after getting married). So, new singer steps in – Annette. Long time fans hate her with passion and Tarja can do no wrong.

Me, Dark Passion Play was the first Nightwish album I bought and I loved it. When I heard it I thought ‘opera rock’ in my head, I’ve come to learn the correct term is symphonic metal. Anyway, with me hearing Annette first to me she’s the band’s singer and Tarja’s the secondary – even if she does have 5 more records than Annette.

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  1. That bird woman thing really freaked me out. Thanks