Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the Company of Greatness

Sometimes I wonder about the future, like 400 years.

Will contemporary artist we take for granted today be considered great, in say 2400? How about John Williams, The Beetles, Lady Gaga?? Will be mentioned with same reverence as Mozart? Beethoven?

How about writing? Is there a Shakespeare among us? Is Stephen King going to be remembered as the Master of Horror, or a footnote. Who do you think will be remembered in a few centuries? I’m sure King would beat out Stephanie Meyer. Jim Butcher? Probably not. JK Rowling? John Grisham? Stan Lee?

Batman. What about Batman. In the future will people still know who Batman is? While I doubt DC Comics will be up and running it would be a shame if Batman disappeared from the public consciousness. Will Batman and Spider-man become the new myths and legends taking their place alongside Hercules and King Arthur?

The thought of future generations frolicking among the red sand of Mars not knowing of The Dark Knight, makes me a sad panda.

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