Sunday, March 27, 2011

AT&T’s Data Caps

A short time ago AT&T announced they were going to cap data with 150GB for DSL users and 250GB for U-Verse users. Reactions have ranged from ‘ AT&T has destroyed the internet’ to ‘we’ve had data caps for years, pussy Americans’.

Personally, I was curious where my usage runs.  Today I got an email from AT&T with new terms and conditions, as well as a link to track usage. I’m averaging about 45GB  a month, so the 150GB cap is fine, for now. And the extra charge ($10 per 5oGB) seems fairly reasonable if I should somehow go over (curse thee Steam sales). I’d say I’m probably on the higher end of data users between online gaming and NetFlix instant watch, and I’m using a 3rd of what’s going to be allowed.

For the moment it looks like this will only affect the people AT&T intends, the people that haves torrents going 24/7. Still, files only get larger as the next wave of HD movies and games come out. Hopefully AT&T will scale as well.

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