Thursday, March 24, 2011

Directed by who…?

Now I’ve always been a little fuzzy on what exactly a director does. He doesn’t come up with ideas, that’s the producer. He doesn’t writes the script, the writers do. He doesn’t point the camera, the cinematographer does. He doesn’t cut the film, the editor does. And so on. He has his hands in all though areas though and probably spends most his time as a referee between departments. He also ultimately gets credit for the film, good or bad. Though the producer gets the Oscar for Best Picture, go fig.

Anyway, I got to thinking earlier that it’s kinda weird, but I have no freaking clue who is directing Captain America. I mean, I know Jon Faverau directed Iron Man, Christopher Nolan directed Batman, Joss Wedon is heading Avengers, Kenneth Branagh is helming Thor and Zack Snyder had Watchmen and now Superman. Who’s in charge od Cap? Marvel’s media machine had failed. I am lacking info that I may need to be properly motivated to see this film!*

OK, a 5 second search turns up Joe Johnston… who? Ah I see, he directed that shitty Wolfman movie last year, and Hidalgo? Jurassic Park III? Who’s dick did this guy suck to get this gig. Ah well, as least The Rocketeer is in there… 20 years ago.

*Untrue, I’ll see it opening weekend

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