Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End Credits

So, who actually watches these things anyway? Out of the 500 name sin that list we recognize what, 10? The director, composer, main cast, possibly a special effects person though since Stan Winston died…

So what’s it take to watch this stuff? Of course we always have to watch during Marvel movies to catch that end tease. Even Daredevil had one. Pixar plays bloopers that aren’t actually bloopers. Seriously that’s not actors flubbing a line, they animate screwups – and it’s awesome. Of course having a great score during the credit crawl helps a bunch instead of some generic instrumental.

Which brings me to the point of this post – I just watched the credits for War for Cybertron. Yes, that 2 year old game. I booted it back up because Fall of Cybertron marketing made me want to give it another spin. While fiddling with setting I accidently hit ‘Credits’, and then Soundwave started playing Stan Bush. Holy crap how did I miss this?

Got me thinking, what other credit sequences are noteworthy? The only other game that sprung to mind was Bayonetta (the pole dance starts at 3:35).

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