Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vita gets PSone Support

Sony FINALLY updated the Vita to support PSone classics. I swear if I’d realized support wasn’t out of the box I wouldn’t have traded in my PSP and games. Oh well, trade in paid for Lumines VITA and Sly Cooper HD.

Sony it seems can’t do anything good without screwing up part of it, so while we got PSone support, only 9 games are ‘officially’ supported with promises of regular updates. Seriously? Ah well, UNofficially it seems the vast majority work anyways. I’ve run Castlevania SoTN (still awesome) and Legend of Dragoon (never played it before, doesn’t appear to have aged well). Final Fantasy VII works as well, though I notice Sony was damn sure to make sure that was officially supported.

As far as how it actually works, looks great. Vita’s screen is gorgeous and the size is very nearly the PSone’s original resolution. What looks blown up and blurry on my 32” TV looks sharp and clear on the Vita. The missing buttons L2, R2, L3 and R3 are covered with the rear touch pad. Works fine. Curiously enough when a PSone game loads we get a PSP warning screen, looks like they’re emulating the PSP, not a PSone. Weird.

My only complaints are for the Vita itself; memory cards are to expensive and my thumbs have a tendency to rest on the speakers muffling sound.

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