Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Don’t Beleive in @#$%

For some reason I was thinking about the scene in Legion where Michael is laying it out that Angels, with the capital ‘A’, are out to kill them all. Most of the the characters are like ‘yeah right’. Charles S Dutton comments ‘Have you looked outside?’, and that’s that. It’s an interesting moment that every movie, tv show or book with a skeptic as a character must address. How do they believe in the unbelievable?

My current favorite book series ‘The Dresden Files’ has something of a running gag when ‘norms’ into this kind of thing. There’s a scene in Dead Beat where Butters (Polka will never die!!) tries to rationalize the situation. Harry rolls his eyes and points out they ran away from a zombie attack, rationalize that. Another character comments that the video of the werewolf attack looked totally fake, it was to dark and the camera was jittery. It’s pointed out evil things like that often happen in the dark and the camerawoman was scared shitless.

I think though my favorite scene for this moment of realization is from the movie Dusk til Dawn. A classic for several reasons, I present you with this.

This clip is cut short about 5 seconds, but everyone shrugs and lamely agrees. It’s a great scene.

So what would YOU do? I’d like to think I’d break a table and sharpen the legs into stakes and become an avenging merchant of death – but most likely I’d either be catatonic or dinner.

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