Friday, August 6, 2010

The Price of Storage

I’m in the market for a new hard drive. My 250GB drive from… I don’t even know how long ago, but I think I kept the hdd from 2 rebuilds ago, is getting uncomfortably full. Solid State Drives are supposed the bestest thing ever so I checked them out first. And… wow, are you kidding? $350 for 120GB? Sheeah right, I guess I’m just not progressive enough. I ended up getting a mechanical drive with more space than I can comprehend ever needing.

On a side note: in approximately  3 delivery days I’ll disappear while I get everything going on the new drive. Hopefully it will be painless and the bane of clean installs – iTunes, will go off without a hitch this time.


  1. iTunes fucks up most clean installs. I always forget to "deauthorize" before the know because I suck.

  2. Same here, I've forgotten to deauthorize 3 times. Once it kept freezing midway through second backup disc - I ended up losing 3 albums that hadn't been on the iPod.