Thursday, February 11, 2010

WoW Rant: Just… why?

I just a few minutes ago finished a random in AN. You know that drop into the pool over water towards the end? Our group’s DPS shaman though it would be hilarious if he cast water walking on me before I jumped. For those not in the know, normally jumping into water makes  splash, with water walking enabled it makes a splat.

Why…? It’s not like we were joking around and this was a playful joke, this was just… I really have no idea. The rest of the group, who btw the other 3 members were all from the same guild on my server though I’d never met them before, took offense and asked for an apology. Guy refused and we told him we’d wait the 3 minutes until we could vote him out of the group. Guy left the group voluntarily and the 4 of us finished the run.

When I told my guild (bunch of assholes, all of them). They laughed at my pain! Screw you guys!

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  1. Oh man I just pissed my pants. I can't stop laughing.