Monday, May 24, 2010

Lazy Blu-ray Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai: Part One

Call me a sucker but I had to pick this up. I remember when DBZ was running on Cartoon Network’s Toonami thinking DBZ was the stupidest thing since Pokemon… And yet I never missed it. (Like Pokemon, go Psyduck!)

So, does DBZ hold up? Yes, yes it does. And Kai does it even better. Esentially Kai is a director’s cut of the original series. It’s for the most part the same animation, but chopped up and reedited to cut out the annoying crap. (Goku gets his drivers license… yay?) In the 13 episodes included with Part 1, Raditz is defeated, Goku trains with King Kai, Piccolo train Gohan, Nappa is defeated and the set ends with Goku squaring off against Vegeta. Good stuff.

So how’s it look. Well, this is the original animation from what… 20 years ago? It' looks a little grainy in areas, but really that’s to be expected. What’s somewhat shocking is the opening and closing, they’re brand new animation and it’s a little jarring how clean and sharp it looks. Not that the series itself looks bad, it’s just old. Techniques change and what was acceptable then, isn’t now.

4 out of 5 Stars

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