Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: Gamer

Wow, this sucked.

Has Gerard Butler done anything good besides 300? The guy has gone from sex scenes with Lena Headey (hrm… Lena Headey…) where was I, oh yes – to pissing in the gas tank of a pickup truck to get it running. I’m not sure how realistic that is as I know jack about cars, but I’d think if that worked we wouldn’t be as dependant on fossil fuels as we are.

Butler’s character, Kable I think was his name, is in the slammer for murder. He volunteered to be an ‘icon’ in a ‘game’ called Slayers. So they injected nanites into his brain that let some 17 year old kid control him during the ‘game’. And the kid does.. for 2 sessions. Then these hacker guys free him and… stuff happens.

It’s not that it’s not understandable, it’s just stupid and I don’t feel like typing it out.

I think the whole movie works better if you look at from ‘a certain point of view’ (yay Obi-wan!). See, John de Lancie plays a network executive that’s eager to get an interview with the creator of Slayers. Only, I don’t he’s actually a network suit, oh no. What we have here is Q, as in The Q Continuum just @#$%ing around with humanity again. It’s all one big game played by Jean’s Luc’s stalker.

Finally - does Michael C Hall suck in everything except Dexter? (I understand Six Feet Under is good, it’s on my list).

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