Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sony is the Devil

So I got my new 500GB hard drive from and was all set to install that badboy. I took out my PS3 form it’s shelf. I cleaned the shelf and wipes off the system. Then I opened up the drive bay and found a nifty blue screw holding in place. With a quick twist of the wrist that was out and I pulled out the old 60GB.

The drive itself is contained in a metal sled and it’s held tot he sled by 4 teeny tiny screws… MADE OF SILLY PUTTY THAT STRIP IF YOU LOOK AT IT WRONG!! So, now I have a very large hard drive and and very small hard drive permanently attached to the device that I need to attach to the very large hard drive in order to make that damn thing work.

I trip the the playstation forums indicated I’d have two options. Handle  t as an out of warranty replacement which will get me another 60GB drive screwed in by He-Man that I’ll likely have the same issue with. Or I can try and sweet talk a Sony rep over the phone and for a small fee expect a replacement sled in 3 weeks or so.

I went to eBay. Replacement sled will be here in a couple days and then… then, I shall have a stupidly large hard drive I’ll never fill up! Buawahahaha!

I have to go cry now.

UPDATE: I should point out the old drive is stuck in the sled, so it is still usable. My PS3 isn’t dead. I’m just stuck with the old drive for a bit.

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