Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Beat It… Again

I just beat Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS3 on a second play through, this time as the Pro-Registration forces. The Pro exclusives (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Songbird) are kinda lame, though the Anti exclusives (Captain America, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) aren’t much better. You’d think they’d make Cap and Iron Man fun to play, but they don’t (Spiderman is also a dud, how hard is it to make the most popular characters not suck?). My favorite heroes to run amok with are Ms Marvel, Hulk, Thor and Gambit. Wolverine is also very useful though Hulk and Thor have the melee mashing covered so I usually keep in Gambit. Juggernaut is also a monster and I think is actually better than Hulk, but I keep in Hulk because… you know, he’s Hulk.

Leader lameness aside, Anti side does have the better story with Stark really coming across as a douche, which is sad considering he’s right.

All around I really enjoy this game (and the first one). Yes it’s a button masher, but it’s a fun button masher. At some point I’ll play again on legendary difficulty and level those folls up even more.

Perhaps the best thing though, is during the credits there’s a radio interview with Dr. Bruce Banner, only Hulk shows up instead.



  1. I still don't have a PS3. Sad? I haev an Xbox 360 though, but I don't like it that much. I think I'm just too dumb for the controller.

  2. PS3 gets you Blu-Ray, come to the Dark Side...