Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: A-Team

Woot, a summer blockbuster that doesn’t suck! Gotta love it when that happens.

Film starts with an operation in Mexico with Hannibal and Face. During said operation Hannibal hooks up with BA by happenstance, then Hannibal, Face and BA make good an escape with a psycho pilot they picked up. They even take a minute during this intro to explain why BA, an Army Airborne Ranger, is afraid to fly (he got in a helicopter with Murdock). The team assembled and successful, they keep working together and the story picks up 8 years later with them the best there is at what they do (Wolverine’s copyright suit is pending).

The team get framed for the theft of printing plates and sent to jail. Four escapes later they good guys set out to recover the lost goods and clear their name. Cast is great. I’ve hear complaints that Rampage whatever isn’t great, mainly it appears to be people complaining he’s not Mr T. Who is? Rampage isn’t distracting so it’s fine. Dude from District 9 plays Murdock and he’s awesome, where’d this guy come from anyway?

The action’s good (save for the climax, see below) and story is fairly easy to follow, though it does get a bit muddled in act 2. But really, what plot with a CIA double cross doesn’t get muddled? Contrary to the show, these are professional soldiers and they know how to aim. It’s by no means gory, but there is a body count.

I have only a few minor complaints. First is the climax. I’m all for big overblown set pieces, but the location for the climax is just… ug, once the bad guy breaks out the bazooka my suspension of disbelief stopped, I can’t see how anyone in the general vicinity survived. Second, Murdock got shafted in the finale with nothing to do. Fo’ shame.

Trailer Round-up:
Scott Pilgrim: The teaser got me really excited, the full trailer made me think of Speed Racer, I’m not as into it as I was
Inception: I have no idea what’s going on. Reminds me of Matrix with mysticism instead of tech
Twilight: Eclipse: Sparkly vampires, my eyes!
Knight and Day: Movie seems to be getting a lot of negative buzz, I don’t get it. Looks like fun

4 out of 5 Stars

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