Sunday, September 5, 2010

TV Review: Being Human S1

Being Human is a BBC import about three roommates, sorry, flatmates, living in Bristol, England. There’s Mitchell (a vampire)the moody pretty boy, George (a werewolf) is a big wimp with a smattering of dork and Annie (a ghost) is a peppy gal obsessed with her old fiancé. Mitchell and George both work at the local hospital and share a flat together. The flat was being haunted by Annie when they moved in. Annie had fallen down the stairs to her death approximately 6 months earlier and apparently, has unfinished business. Together the three try to stay out of local vampire politics and lead a ‘normal’ life.

This is a very good show just shy of greatness. It’s mainly about the 3 leads coping with being monsters and trying to be human, hence the title. Annie tries to come to terms with being dead, in the meantime it’s great having flatmates who can see and talk to her (not being exactly normal, Mitchell and George can see Annie fine). George is a huge dork and really seems the most normal to me. Mitchell was turned in WWI and used to be a bit of a hellraiser in the vampire community, recently he’s decided being bad is bad and is trying to be a good boy.

Season 1 consist of 6 episodes. Episode 5 leads directly into 6, but the rest of the episodes stand more or less on their own. There’s 2 main season long story arcs. Lesser of the two deals with Annie coming to grips with her fiance. He owns the building and is their landlord. She’s still in love with him and can’t let go, he’s shacked up with her cousin. The other arc deals with the vampire’s plot to take over.. well, everything. Mitchell is highly regarded in the vampire community and the local Master (he’s never called that, but c’mon, I know a Vampire Master when I see one) either wants Mitchell back in the club or dead.

My problems with the show, and relatively minor, have to due with the supernatural elements. various… ailments just seem a bit off. Mitchell is fine in sunlight as long as he has his sunglasses, he doesn’t NEED blood to survive. It’s treated like a drug and all vampires are junkies, Mitchell’s on the wagon. Annie’s powers as a ghost change depending on her mood. In the very first scene of the show she’s ecstatic the pizza guy can see her, an episode later she’s depressed and can’t be scene by anyone. George seems pathetically weak considering he’s a bloody werewolf, once a month he becomes a mindless killing machine. I’m not a big fan of the mindless killer werewolf, I’d like to see some bestial strength and a healing factor in George.

Good show and I’ll be getting season 2 eventually.


4 out of 5 Stars – my score
4.2 out of 5 – Netflix, those creepy bastards

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