Monday, November 1, 2010

@#$%ing ATI

When a hardcore game is released I expect it to drive my video card to it’s knees and make it scream for mercy. This is partially why I’m usually far behind on the latest and greatest in PC gaming. I have no intention spending $500+ for the latest video card, let alone x2 and messing with SLI or Crossfire. So, I’ll never play Crysis as it’s meant to be played. I’m ok with that.

On a more casual end, I do expect my midrange card to handle things without problem. Well, thanks to Steam’s Halloween sale I added to games to my collection. Bioshock I’ll get to at some point. However the second game, this lil’ bastard crashed my system 3 times… Plants vs Zombies. That’s right, the Popcap zombiefest brought my system to a screeching halt until I updated drivers to Catalyst 10.10. Seriously, you’re glitching on Popcap titles now? I protest.

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