Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pass the Pipe

A few days ago I proposed a new faction, The Good Guys. Well, invite the Trolls. I rolled a troll shaman to go through their new starting zone and wow. ‘m fairly impressed. The Echo Islands has been completely transformed. It’s not a proper racial captial city, but it’s the beginning of one and that’s fine by me. They only reclaimed a few months ago game time. Let them build!

Vol’jin also runs things down there. Sent to him with the 3rd quest you catch sight of a flashback event when Vol’jin had a chat with Garrosh. Wow, Vol’jin hates his guts and flat out said Garrosh is an idiot, he’s going to fail, but he’s going to LET him fail so the rest of the Horde can see how big a loser he is, then he’ll take great pleasure in killing Garrosh himself. For some reason Garrosh took this badly and threw the trolls out of his throne room.

I don’t really like the trolls, their feet freak me out and they’re all hunched over. But it is cool getting another look into Horde politics. Let’s recap a few:

  • ORCS: Under Garrosh’s rule they’ve become warmongers with conservative ‘Thrall-lovers’ opening mocked
  • TAUREN: Don’t like Garrosh or the new direction of the Horde, but committed to guiding it back to the right path
  • TROLLS: Also don’t like Garrosh’s plan, but seem to be stepping back trying to minimize damage while waiting for Garrosh’s inevitable fail so they can clean up the mess
  • BLOOD ELVES: Unfortunately the belf starting zone is that same as BC, 4 years ago (that I hear anyway, maybe small changes). One must assume however with the Sunwell restored the blood elves are looking at their closest neighbors (the Forsaken) a bit warily
  • FORSAKEN: Note to self: roll a new undead!

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