Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Shattering: First Impressions

So Deathwing’s thrown his temper tantrum and The Shattering is upon us. Gnomergan reclaimed, brand new Azeroth from 1-60, dwarf warlocks! How’s it all adding up? Well, it’s been two days so I haven’t had a chance to run through all the starting zones. Just two so far and I popped in on the undead.  A few ramblings:

  • Gnomes Were Robbed: We were promised Gnomergan reclaimed, we got New Tinkertown. I hope the Trolls weren’t shafted too
  • Dwarf shaman… Everywhere!
  • Behold! Holyheifer the Tauren Sunwalker
  • I kinda wish they’d use the racial class names more, at least in quest text. Everyone calls me a Paladin. I’m a Sunwalker biatch! And my belf is a Blood Knight.
  • I fully intend to roll a belf warrior and an undead… something, must go through undead questlines
  • The starting zones aren’t as packed as I thought they’d be. Is it just that I work late? Jim mentioned trouble finding groups
  • Many changes are subtle and not as… cataclysmic as I expected
  • That said: Check out Brill – my first ‘Holy Crap!’ moment. I totally dig the new buildings with the undead architecture an check out the monument to Sylvanus

One final thing, purely from a gameplay perspective. Traditionally before a expansion they released the core changes a few weeks in advance. With both Burning Crusade and Wrath , these changes were huge buffs allowing you to steamroll through the old content. This time, not so much. Interesting.

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