Friday, January 22, 2010

Things That Piss Me Off: Random Players

As I stated in my previous post, for the most part random PUGs have gone pretty well, though I must comment on a few types of people that just irritate the hell out of me.

  • MIGHT PLEASE! Fuck you, you get kings. I’m not reconfiguring PallyPower every run. Mages tap AI, druids hit GotW, Priest have to cast 3 – fort, shadow resist and spirit, good god they have it rough. Pallys get 4 buffs, each one desired by different classed that can also differ by spec. I need a damn addon in order to just not go nuts keeping track. To me, only shaman have a right to bitch about buffs because of the headache that is totems. But you know, I don’t think I’ve ever requested a specific totem (save on occasion tremor for specific fights), I leave it to the shaman to what’s best. And you know what, this is a random heroic not ICC Progression raid, if your gonna be bitchy about getting 10% to stats, right-click it off and move on.
  • The Mute I realize we’re either not gonna see each other again, or not remember that we’d met before, but come on. Say something, say ‘yo’ as you zone in. Let us know there’s a person there. Don’t be an asshole.
  • gogogo Oh really? You know, I actually intended to watch the clock and wait a full minute between pulls. Just to piss you off… Seriously, I don’t know who the hell you are, I don’t know if the healer can keep up. I usually pull one group at a time, with a short pause between to allow for looting. I ‘can’ pull faster, however tanks like that piss me off (see prima Donna tanks below). Also, inevitably there’s some asshat dps that can’t wait for threat to be established before pulling  a mob off me making me turn around and scramble. Also I actually had a run where the healer had just shifted specs, literally at zero mana and spoke up because I wasn’t pulling yet. Well excuse me all to hell for watching my healer’s mana bar.
  • THE BOSSY GUY THAT INSIST ON YELLING AT ME Ahem, in case you’re not aware, all caps is the typing equivalent of yelling at someone. It’s also harder to read. I also don’t like being told what to do by some random asshole. I swear nearly every group I’ve bailed on as been because someone started yelling at me. Have fun finding a new tank.  *** I’ve also seemed to notice this person is usually a healer, does a shorter que bring out our inner asshat?
  • Prima Donna Tanks These guys are usually way, way overgeared for a simple heroic and insist on pulling as fast as their character can actually move. They often pull multiple groups, do not wait to loot and seem to always be half a room ahead of me when I’m DPSing. Perhaps I just suck and need to get with it.

Wow, that’s a pretty long list of people that piss me off. I hope I’m not one of the prima donna tanks I bitched about. If I am – sorry.

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