Friday, January 8, 2010

GI Joe 2 Confirmed

So I was going through the websites I check daily and found an article that made me chuckle. One of those sites I visit daily is This paticular article gives a few details on GI Joe 2 being green lit and writes hired (dudes that wrote Zombieland, yay!). Anyway, what made me chuckle is the comments section, a few examples:

  • “…a proper 'brain off' thrill ride, utterly dumb but entertaining nonetheless…”
  • “The dumbest movie of last summer…”
  • “GI joe was one of the better summer block busters, better than terminator and wolverine, and transformers 2 it was dumb fun.”
  • “I would rather see another "Weekend at Bernie's" sequel before any continuation of the torture that was "G.I. Joe"…”

I find it hilarious there’s such a wide range of opinions on this movie. Me personally, I found it entertaining though not without it’s problems. Namely accelerator suits, Scarlett (why is Snake-Eye’s girl hooking up with Ripcord?) and the weird mouth thing on Snake-Eyes mask, wtf.

Good points include Storm Shadow, the multinational Joes angle, Snake-Eyes, somewhat beleivable near-future tech and of couse, ninjas (Hollywood needs more ninjas).

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