Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

The first expansion to Age of Conan is coming out mid-May. Now, I’ve dabbled in AoC since release. I haven’t really accomplished much, but every couple months I’ll renew the subscription and play a bit more.

The options for buying the expansion are just… boggling. Who came up with this stuff. There are 7 different options available.

Sold mainly through digital download, the xpac itself is 24.99 then there are several ‘addon’ packs available to give you bonuses.

  • 9.99 Digital Collector’s Edition
  • 24.99 Tortage Starter Pack
  • 59.99 Might of Chrom Pack (includes Tortage Starter)

Each addon pack contains various bonuses ranging from vanity pets, combat pets, XP potions, mounts and game time.

In order to get everything I’ll be looking at the xpac (24.99),  Digital Collector’s (9.99) and Might of Chrom (59.99). That’s $95 for a freakin’ expansion. Sheesh. There’s also a retail box that’s apparently only avilable through for 29.99 that can’t be upgraded with the other bonus should you want them. What marketing genius came up with this sales model?

Granted I have the options to get just the xpac for 24.99. But then I feel like I’m not getting the whole thing and get disgruntled. Sigh, may be time to say goodbye to Hyboria.




Holy crap, check out that tiger mount. Apparently it’s a long involved quest chain starting in Shadowmoon Val—er.. flashback.
Apparently you have to get a kitten and raise it to be your personal Battlecat through a long and involved quest chain. Where do I sign up!

**Full disclosure: Paid $100 for both Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King CE. But lets be honest, AoC is no WoW.

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