Friday, April 2, 2010


Way back in 1998 Blizzard released an expansion to a little known game call StarCraft. This expansion was called Brood War. I was still a teenager then and Brood War was one of the first things I can recall that ‘I’ bought.

At the time Brood War came out Blizzard was running a rebate, get the game and you get a free Terran Marine action figure.


I still have the Brood War box. UPC code is cut out and there’s a small tear on the front cover from where the rebate form came off. I never did receive my Terran Marine. 12 years later and yes, I’m still bitter. Blizzard, you owe me a Terran Marine and I want one goddamnit!!

In a related story: the Darksiders promotion still hasn’t arrived. I’m starting to be annoyed.

In a unrelated story: Looking over the Brood War box brings back memories. Kerrigan is somehow hot after being Zergified, freaky. And look at these specs:

  • Pentium 90!
  • 16 MB RAM!
  • SVGA!
  • 14.4 Kbps modem

It was the friggin’ dark ages!!

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