Monday, April 12, 2010

Lazy DVD Review: 30 Rock

In the last day and a half I’ve watched season 1 and 2 of 30 Rock. Um… great show.

Excellent show all around with great writing. The episodes are all self contained though carry forward some plot points so watching in order is advisable. Season 2 has throwaway comments about stuff that happened in season 1 creating a sense of continuity.

Tina Fey is as always awesome. Baldwin is cool and you gotta love Kenneth. Here’s to hoping he hooks up with Cerie. Giggle.

There are two issues that do annoy me with the show though. One is any comment about at Fey’s character being dumpy or unattractive. The character it seems, is intended to be a bit of an ugly duckling, though smart and capable. Frankly, Tina Fey is way to smokin’ for this. Maybe if Rachel Dratch was the main character instead of a frequent guest star…

Also, Tracy Morgan annoys the hell out of me. I can’t think of a single thing he’s done that I liked.

Anyway, barring any shark jumping I’ll have season 3 finished soon.

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  1. I have been watching 30 rock since day one. It's my new Seinfeld.