Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Saw the 2D version today. Thank god I didn’t have to pay the 3D prices. It’s not a horrible movie, it’s just incredibly average action movie and not worth the extra cost.

Movie does get extra points for a few things though. For one, it’s a Greek myth. I have to give it props for subject matter as it’s not something seen often.

Liam Neeson as Zeus doesn’t really have much to do, but damned if I didn’t get excited every time he spoke. Dude is the new James Earl Jones.

Also has a few negatives though. It’s been awhile since reviewed the myth, but I do recall Perseus was a friggin’ genius and his plan for Medusa was to fight via the reflection of his shield. Mr. Worthington gets knocked on his ass and notices his shield is shiny.

Speaking of Sam Worthington, I normally don’t give much thought to performances preferring to concentrate on the general story. Actors do much better than I could do so I don’t feel right mocking them for any perceived shortcomings. That said, I am starting to wonder if Worthington has had some horrible Botox mishap, he doesn’t seem capable of changing expressions.

For being a thoroughly average movie, Clash gets a thoroughly average score:

3 Stars – Of 5

Trailer Breakdown:

  • The Expendables: I was late to be seated, was that Jet Li?
  • Salt: Looks interesting
  • The Losers: Generic action flick
  • Iron Man 2: Woohoo!
  • Robin Hood: Looks boring

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