Friday, April 9, 2010

Starcraft 2 - $pecial Edition

So Blizzard announced StaCraft 2 is going to have a collector’s edition. Click HERE for some details from GameInformer.

Basically for $100 (standard edition is slated for $60, most new PC games are $50), you get a bunch of cool extras that you’ll use once or twice.

  • #0 Starcraft comic -  w/e
  • special avatars for – w/e
  • Different model for the Terran Thor in game – weird
  • Soundtrack – possibly cool
  • WoW pet that looks like a Terran Thor – woohoo! once
  • Artbook – Woohoo! once
  • Making of DVD – this can be hit miss, I was very impressed with the DVD that came with Burning Crusade, Wrath not so much
  • 2GB flash drive that looks like Raynor’s dog tags, preloaded with StarCraft and Brood War – 2gb? seriously?

I… just don’t know about this. The coolest things are the soundtrack, art book and in game WoW pet. Artbook and pet will likely be looked at once and forgotten. Honestly, how often to you take the time to dig out a pet when wandering Dalaran. I do occasionally find myself listening to sounds track, though usually the Echoes of War version, not the official releases.

I could really care less about the avatars and comic, the ingame Thor model is neat I suppose but really a minor change. The flash drive is gimicky, 2gb and shaped weird – yay!

Also consider  - this isn’t Starcraft 2, this is StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. The Terran campaign. In all likliood we’ll be looking at another %100 for the Zerg and ‘Toss campaigns. And if I do get the CE I’ll be forced to get the other 2 CEs as well (see prev post on replacing The Dresden Files in hardback).

I’m thinking I may need to pass up the CE for StarCraft. Unless… they decide to include a Terran Marine figure! Those bastards till owe me.

Update: has pics of the artbook, flash drive and Thor pet.

Update: Preordered at, shut up

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