Thursday, April 8, 2010

Changes… by Jim Butcher


Spoilers - Spoilers - Spoilers

So about half way through and… OMFG!! Harry and Susan have a daughter! Molly has the hots for Harry! The Blue Beetle is no more! Harry’s office is no more! Harry’s apartment is no more! Harry fell to the Dark Side and is the @#$%ing Winter Knight!

Must keep reading…

Update: Just finshed. Jim Butcher is an evil motherfucker and I hope he dies.. Dies painfully from infected wounds on his dick.

More Spoilers: Murphy gets the Sword, and kicks ass on cosmic levels. The Red Court – GONE! Susan’s dead. Grandpa Eb?  And the book ends (fuck Butcher!) with Harry shot and dying… Sonbitch! Aprox 6 months for the next one!!

Another update: added larger spoiler warnings as Jim can’t read

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