Friday, April 9, 2010

‘Beating’ Games

I was playing Dante’s Inferno and I came across with optional guy that I can punish or absolve his sins for some bonus souls (cash) and XP. I couldn’t reach him though due to a really tricky jump and after almost a full hour trying I gave up and moved on. This means I wont be getting the higher end trophies. Now normally I don’t care to much about trophies, in fact I wish there was way to delete them so games I no longer have don’t show up and (to me anyway) clutter things up. I had however reviewed the trophy list for Dante’s Inferno and though it all looked very doable (I don’t consider myself a particularly good player) so I’m a little annoyed the platinum is out of reach now.

This got me thinking about how I’d consider the game beat. By getting a platinum trophy, or simply by ‘beating’ the game. Apparently I’ll have to go with beating until my jumping skills drastically improve and I go for another play through.

This line of thought got me thinking about how many games I’ve actually beaten, finished to the credits and all that jazz. Not very many I realized as I went through the list, and it’s been awhile. I realized thinking about that list, RPGs get played the most, but I always seem to burn out on them, after what seems like 80% through and then just don’t get back into them. Action games I’m just not very good at so the list is short, and old.

Games I’ve beaten:

  • Contra – NES – yay Kanomi code!
  • Metroid
  • Legend of Zelda - NES
  • Dragon Warrior – NES
  • Shining in the Darkness – Genesis
  • Phantasy Star 4 – Genesis
  • Lunar – Sega CD
  • Symphony of the Night – PSX
  • Metal Gear Solid - PSX
  • Pokemon Blue – Gameboy
  • Pokemon Silver – Gameboy Color
  • Devil May Cry – PS2 – EasyAuto Mode, game took pity on me
  • Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance – PS2
  • Civilization 2 – PC
  • Alpha Centauri – PC
  • Diablo - PC
  • Star Wars: Rebellion – PC
  • StarCraft – PC – with codes, last 3 ‘Toss fights are impossible!
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 – PS3

Sigh, seems like a fairly short list considering I’ve been a gamer for some 20odd years. Prolly a few I’m forgetting, I hope.

I  will say though, looking at that list, I think I’m most proud of Phantasy Star 4. That was an awesome game. Late in the Genesis lifespan it was one of the last gems for the system with awesome graphics and superb gameplay. And the story, I still remember Alys dying and the party leader shifting to Chaz. WTF?! A game character dying and staying dead? Blew my mind. We traveled to multiple planets and ended up killing an evil that’d then plaguing the star system for thousands of years. PS4 was one of those insane cartridges that cost like 90 bucks, I think I ended up renting it 3 times in a row to finish.

Update: I remember Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri

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