Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Oscars

Oscars are over and I’m required by Internet Law to comment(citation needed). First let me say I haven’t seen most of the nominees so take part of what I say worth a grain of salt. Observations:

  • Steve Martin is looking old
  • Katheryn Biga-who?
  • Though, she is pretty hot
  • Who let Hannah Montana and the Twilight people on stage?
  • Wrap it up Sandra
  • Thank you Tom Hanks for keeping it short and sweet
  • Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr rock
  • Best Actor/Actress intros are to long, but Oprah’s had a certain awesomeness to it
  • Granted Twilight does have a horrific quality to it, but a horror movie?

Of course the big story is Avatar vs The Hurt Locker. Now, The Hurt Locker is one of the ones I haven’t seen. Friend said it sucked and she’d rather watch Crank 2 again, but I digress. I personally can’t help but feel Cameron’s been robbed.

The Hurt Locker may very well be a very good movie. But, are we going to care in 5 years? Somehow I doubt it. Are we going to care about Avatar in 5 years? Hell yes, Cameron spent years creating a brand new technology. Technology that’s going to over the next couple years change the way some movies are made. Oh, it also happens to be the most successful movie of the ye- all time.

Not to say I’m a Avatar fanboy, I liked it with the provision that it was Dances with Wolves, in space. Fine, give Hurt Locker Best Screenplay (they did), but directing? Ah well, even the Citizen Kane of movies, Citizen Kane, lost.

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