Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cataclysm Stats

Click HERE for a blue post from yesterday detailing some of the changes coming up in Cataclysm. Heavy stuff. Holy Pallys wanting spirit? The world’s gone mad! MAD!

Anyway, a few things  directly impacting my prot pally main:

  • Parry now reduces damage by 50% rather than 100%
  • Block reduces damage by 30% rather than BV which goes away
  • Dodge remains 100% damage reduction
  • Defense goes away: uncritable by turning on Righteous Fury (defense stance, frost presence or bearform)
  • No more weapon skills: not an issue endgame, but when leveling how often have we gotten a new weapon and then spent a few hours ‘training’

Still no details on how mastery works. Obviously a few spells need to be reworked - Shield of the Righteous (our biggest damage attack) scales with BV which wont exist anymore.

As in the past the changes will be rolled out a few weeks before release and, if history is any indication, will be huge buff. We’ll see.


  1. I am pretty sure mastery is going to suck ass. It's going to be the new cap everyone is shooting for. I also like the part about how that all characters will have tank like stam.

  2. The stam will be nice... we might actually see priests and mages live through something (gasp!)