Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Buy sucks

So I was perusing CheapAssGamer and saw Lunar: Silver Star Harmony LE was listed for same price as the standard edition. LE includes a soundtrack. For those not in the know, Lunar soundtrack = uber, so I ordered. Got an email saying it was backordered on 03/16. On 03/18 got an email saying it shipped. On 03/19 got an email saying they fucked up and it’s the standard edition and they never had any LE available they just a bunch of @#$%ing retards and I hate them the little bastards I wish they would just die a slow painful, fester- but I digress.

I intend to return to Best Buy as it’s not what I ordered and get the LE from Amazon,  I’ll pay the extra $10 to a company that knows what it’s doing.


Related issue, thought I’d comment about the time I had a problem with Amazon. Now, I buy a lot from them. Between books, games and movies, I figure I have 2-3 orders a month. Not an insane amount, but I’m a regular customer.

Anyway, couple years ago just shortly after getting my PS3 they had a BluRay B2G1 sale and I was building my collection. I ordered Reign of Fire (HD dragons yay!), Gone in 60 Seconds (20something Jolie in HD!) and … I decline to comment on the 3rd. There was a sale, I clicked and the item in question is no longer on my shelf.

Anyway, I understand mail takes time, and I always wait the extra couple days for free shipping. Anyway, after 2 weeks my patience is was at an end and I contacted Amazon customer service saying it’s been 2 weeks, what’s what? They ended up sending a replacement with free upgrade to express shipping, two days later I had the movies. Yay!

@#$%ing Best Buy.

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