Sunday, March 7, 2010

XBox 360

I’m looking at my… media center I guess I should call it, and pondering what to do with my 360.  360 came out what,  a year or so before PS3? I bought one at launch jumping onto the ‘next-gen’ bandwagon and got a few games. Can’t say I was terribly impressed. I did however think PS3 was overpriced at launch and waited until that ‘buy a BluRay player and get 5 movies free’ rebate that was going on.

Since then PS3 has become my DVD player of choice, upscaling is better, has HDMI support, great games and the controller doesn’t suck (granted I’ve been using the same controller since PSX, I could just be used to it, but I hated the XBox controller).

Shortly after I got PS3 the 360 suffered a RROD, the first time ever I’ve had an issue with a console after NES, Genesis, SEGA CD (yes, I know), PSX, PS2, Gamecube. After it broke I… shrugged and played PS3. About 2 years later I decided it was silly to collect dust and had MS fix it, since then it’s… sat and collected dust.

So, what to do. I suppose I could get some games for it, though most games I’m interested in also come out on PS3. I’m pondering taking it to GameStop and getting whatever I can for it, perhaps trade-in for a Wii.While Wii runs the same risk of sitting and collecting dust, it would at least have Zelda.

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  1. Sell it on Craigslist!

    I bought a 360 because the PS3 was waaay overpriced IMO. I, too, HATE the controllers. I only play one game - NHL 10 - and I am pretty terrible at it, not just because I'm a failpile but because the controllers are just too weird.