Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

I Law Abiding Citizen, King Leonidas- er Gerard Butler’s character is a loving family man who has his wife and daughter murdered after a home invasion. One of the culprits turns rat for a cushy plea bargain with ADA Jamie Foxx. Butler’s character is pissed and spends years planning revenge.

The revenge is sweet, at first. The 2 murderers get their due in scenes that you cheer at, even if you really shouldn’t. Then the bad guy’s defense attorney gets handled. From there things go bad though.

I’m all for revenge n movies, kill wife and daughter – sure have fun killing them. But once that revenge vibe gets turned towards the district attorneys.. He goes to far and I start cringing.  Lil’ to much. The antihero becomes villain and we must shift to Jamie Foxx as the hero. Frankly he’s just not that charismatic in the role.

Still, for the first two thirds of the movie it’s interesting and tense so it gets an above average rating.

3 1/2 Stars – My Rating
3 1/2 Stars – Netflix Prediction - Creepy

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