Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Fell Off the Bookshelf

I was rereading an old trade I have of GIJoe vs The Transformers v2 last night and I seriously forgot how hilarious parts of it are.Cobra has screwed up and transported several Cobra and Joes to Cybertron where the break Teletran-3 and several groups of Transformers back in time at various points in Earth’s past. Cobra and the Joes have to team up to go recover the Transformers (who have all reverted to time appropriate forms) or spacetime is fraked and Earth explodes.

Several things happen that are just straight up hilarious.

  • Jazz gets turned into a Cadillac and owned by a pimp, who else?
  • Zartan is forced to relive the 70s while the rest of his group is to young to know his pain.
  • Dusty returns from his timejump and says ‘You’ll never believe where we’ve been…’ Intro the Dinobots who proceed to lay waste to every Decepticon in sight.

Perhaps the funniest scene though is from a trip to 30’s gangland Chicago with Beachhead, Roadblock, Baroness and… some random Viper.

Mr. Viper loses his shit and had a breakdown. While discussing the plan of action Viper says”I should just shoot myself in the head and get it over with.”

“…what’d you say?” says Roadblock.

Slumping down into  near fetal position the Viper holds his head, “I’m, look, I’m sorry. I’m just having a little FREAKING TROUBLE with this, okay? I mean, I was all right with the GIANT TRANSFORMING ROBOTS, I was even handling it when we got ZAPPED to ANOTHER PLANET. But TIME TRAVEL? This is insane!”

So really, what do the peons of the Cobra forces think about all the weird shit that goes on.

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