Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Change Sucks

My current shift at work isn’t going to exist next month. Not to say I’m being downsized or anything, but I’m being forced into a shift change. I have a few options. I can work weekends (grrr), I can come in several hours earlier (wtf is AM?) or I can come in 2 hours later.

I’ll most likely take the 2-11 shift. I’m not a morning person and weekends are for doing nothing. This does however put a cramp in raiding. I used to work 2-11 before, back when I logged on with 30 minutes left in the raid schedule and was the outsider begging for a spot when someone had to leave early.

So, change sucks.


  1. IMO, L2morning.

    My work here is done.

  2. Go with the mornings. WoW > Work